Benchtop organizer

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    • Benchtop organizer

      I am very pleased with my last purchase. an benchtop organizer, HZ-WM1 of HOBBYZONE.PL. It seems to me in very handy and quite sturdy.

      Very easy to assemble. The trickiest part is the large back plate, number 11 of the instructions. To install it I needed a rubber mallet. Everything else is mounted easily without tools and with enough white glue. Advise, mount the structure all at once, without the glue drying. This is so that the structure has sufficient flexibility to place the most difficult parts. It took me about 3 hours to assemble everything, Ballistol included.

      Last note. YouTube is completely obsessed with the number of subscribers, Help me keep the channel, please subscribe!


      Thank you, Vasco Reis